Saturday, January 20, 2018

February Wedding at Stewarts Bay Lodge

This February wedding was held at Stewarts Bay Lodge on the Tasman Peninsula.  It's a great venue where the bridal party and guests can all stay on site.  It means there's no rush, and it creates a very relaxed atmosphere.  Of course, there's also the chance to explore and enjoy the wonderful natural environment of the Tasman Peninsula.  (I'm not biased, I promise!)

For the bride, the colours ranged from creamy white, through peachy and blush tones to pink.  The main flowers used were Protea White Ice,  Protea Pink Ice,  a pink Protea Repens, Leucospermum Fountain, and Leucospermum Scarlet Ribbons.  I also used Brunia Albiflora, and some gorgeous creamy white Corymbia Ficifolia - Flowering Gum.  

The details include poppy pods, tea tree and Silver Tree Leucadendron.  

Foliages used were Risdon Peppermint, and Irish Juniper.

I also added some light coloured Misty.  

For the men, more of the pretty flowering gum, with peppermint foliage, Irish Juniper and Misty.  The groom had an added poppy pod.

Flowering gum is one of my favourite February natives.

Linda Pasfield Photography
The day was beautifully captured by Linda Pasfield Photography.

Inside for the bride and grooms table,  there was a garland of flowering gum and foliage, with Brunia and Leucospermums added.

Flowering gum!  I love it!

Each table had a trio of vases sitting on a log round, with more flowers matching the theme. 

I really enjoyed the cake decoration for this wedding.  The amazing (and I hear it tasted fabulous too) cake was made by Natasha from Lily May Cake Design.  I felt priviledged to be able to decorate it!

Lots of dried native vines were woven together with flowering gum, wax flower, misty, and foliage to create a magical looking cake. 

I really enjoyed being involved in this wedding - its always lovely to create something for a couples special occasion.  

I hope it created lots of happy memories for them!


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