Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Early Summer Wedding at Peppermint Bay

An early summer wedding at Peppermint Bay south of Hobart called for red and white, with eucalyptus foliage.  Many of our spring blooms were still available in early December due to weather conditions, so the waratah was the red flower of choice.   

While picking some Tasmanian Waratahs (Telopea Truncata) to include for this wedding, I found some beautiful Isopogon still flowering, also known as the Cone Flower.  These are an unusual Australian native that flowers in spring.  We grow a fresh pinky purple variety called Ispogon Formosus, but they come in a range of colours with a great variation in the leaves as well.  They're gorgeous, little known Aussie wonders.    The basket full of bright red and purple really inspired the colour mix for this wedding.  

For the bouquets I used Telopea Speciosissima, the New South Wales Waratah, as the main flower.  They are large, showy and gorgeous!  I teamed them up with the smaller Tasmanian Waratah and Protea Pink Ice.

For whites, I used the gorgeous Berzelia which in early summer is covered in tiny white flowers so that it looks like clusters of fluffy white balls.  I also used Leucadenderon Lemon Spice in its creamy white phase.  It has a pink blush on the tips of the bracts, and the central cones have a pink blush too.  For the bride's bouquet I also used a Protea White Ice and a Protea White Cream, a warm pink protea with a creamy centre. 

You can see the purple Isopogon peeping out from amongst the rich pinks and reds.  I also added some darker purple Hebe flowers.  Just a few dark red Safari Sunset Leucos create some depth of colour.  And of course, there are the gumnuts - perfect for a Australian native bouquet.  

The foliage used is mostly Eucalyptus Cordata, with some Ridson Peppermint added here and there.

For the bridesmaid, the same but slightly smaller, with less of the large waratahs.  

Such a pretty, colourful combination of colours!

For the groom the colours were pared back a little.  A gumnut, Leucadendron Discolour, Leucadendron Safari Sunset, Berzelia, Ispogon and Cordata foliage.

Other buttonholes were the same, minus the purple Isopogon.  

Corsages for the mums were brighter, using a Tasmanian Waratah as the focal flower.  They also use Leucadendron Discolour, Isopogon, Berzelia and Cordata foliage.  

For the bride and her bridesmaid, there were floral combs.  Tasmanian Waratahs surrounded by Berzelia, Leucadendron Discolour,  Isopogon, Cordata foliage, and some rosy Jubilee Crown cones.  Red is a great colour for a brunette bride!    

To decorate the reception room at Peppermint Bay, the bride chose a collection of different vases and vessels filled with colour.  Her mum had collected jars of all different sizes which looked great en masse.

You can see Waratah, Tasmanian Waratah, and early flowering Scarlet Ribbons Pincushions. The red of the Tasmanian Waratahs is such an intense colour!

You can also see some White Ice Proteas, Hebe in purple, and the creamy Leucadendron Discolour.

I used Protea Pink Ice, and Safari Sunset Leucos too.  

Such a joyful combination of colours!  

Jars of more colour on the chairs for the ceremony.  What a great spot to say "I do"!  Tassie, you are so beautiful!

The cake was simply decorated with more of the same combination of flowers.  The wonderful cake was made by Natasha from Lily May Cake Design.  

Such a great venue in a wonderful location.  And early summer is a great time for a wedding, flower-wise too.  

I will remember this wedding for the intense joyful colours and of course, the lovely couple who were married.  It was such a pleasure to be involved in creating flowers for this day.