Sunday, December 16, 2018

Romantic Hobart Wedding in November

Hobart Wedding in October

For this simple Hobart wedding in October, the brief was for burgundies and pinks with a relaxed style.  I love October for natives - the Waratahs are always a treat to use.  For the bride's bouquet, I used a White Waratah and a deep red NSW Waratah.  

Adding to the Waratahs, I used a hybrid protea called Pink Cream, which has soft pink bracts surrounding a cream centre.  Cream Lecuadendron Discolour were added too.   I love their colour in October, when they're at their lightest.  Their pink tinged tips are so pretty.  Hot pink Boronia was added too, which adds a beautiful fragrance to a bouquet.  

Burgundy was added with the Safari Sunset Leucadendrons.  

I also added some of the variegated Leucos - Jester which are burgundy with a green stripe.    To cool the colour palette down, I put in some gorgeous Isopogons or Cone Flowers in pinky-purple, as well as some rich purple misty.  

Berzelia and Phylica added some gorgeous texture.  For foliage, there was some silky Silver Tree Leucadendron, and some blue-green gum.  

The rich clear colours and textures are one of the things I love the most about spring natives.  
Nina Hamilton Photography captured the day, using historic Battery Point as the back drop.  Gorgeous colour and iconicly Hobart!

I made some simple, lush table decorations for the reception tables at Peppermint Bay.   

Simple glass vases were filled with Waratahs, Pink Cream Proteas and more of the smaller flowers and foliage.  I love the feathery Phylica which adds texture and softness.

Such a joyful colour combination for these table decorations!

Nina Hamilton Photography
And so much joy in the photos too!  Congratulations to the bride and groom.  I hope the memories will be fresh for years to come.  Thanks for including us in your special day.