Wednesday, October 31, 2018

November Beach Wedding at Stewarts Bay

Photography by Jon Jarvela
November catches the end of spring and there are so many beautiful flowers available.  For this beach wedding at Stewarts Bay on the Tasman Peninsula, the theme was the bride's favourite, red and white.  
Photography by Jon Jarvela
The red and white were teamed up with grey for the suits and bridesmaids dresses.  A classic colour combination.  

The bride's bouquet had the last of the NSW Waratahs and Tasmanian Waratahs,  both in rich red.  There was also a Banksia Coccinea, a Scarlet Ribbons Pincushion and a Protea Compacta which is a soft pink with a red centre.  

For white, there were white Peonies and creamy leucadendron Lemon Spice with its pink blush tips.  The Berzelia Lanuginosa was flowering and the little green balls are all covered in tiny white flowers making them look fluffy and gorgeous.  They looked great in the bouquets.  

There were gum nuts too from the Corymbia Ficifolia.  For foliage, there was Agonis Flexuosa and Risdon Peppermint eucalyptus.  

For the bride, I made a floral hair slide with a Tasmanian Waratah as the main focus, surrounded by fluffy Berzelia, creamy Leucadendron Discolour, ruby Jubilee Crown cones, and bits and pieces of foliage.  

These can work really well with a range of hair styles and add colour that perfectly matches your bouquets.   They're a lot of fun to create too! 

The ceremony was held on Stewarts Bay beach which is a small sheltered beach in Port Arthur.  When you're standing on the beach, you can see nothing but pristine bush and can imagine that it has looked this way for thousands of years.  Its a special spot, and only a stones-throw from Stewarts Bay Lodge where the reception was held.  

The arch was decorated with red, white and pink and really made a statement in the sunshine.

A gorgeous red King Protea was the standout flower, surrounded by the Waratahs, Berzelia,  Scarlet Ribbon pincushions and masses of foliage and leucadendrons.  

For the groom and his men, gum nuts, Waratahs and leucadedrons.  

Photography by Jon Jarvela
The restaurant at Stewarts Bay Lodge was where the reception was held, just a short walk up through the bush from the beach.  

Little collections of jars and vases with plenty of red and white sat on top of log rounds to decorate the tables.  

NSW Waratahs, Tasmanian Waratahs, Banksia Coccinea and Protea Compacta with leucadedrons, Berzelia, gum and Silver Tree.  Little ruby coloured Jubilee Crown cones were added too.

And for the cake, more Waratahs, Berzelia, Leucadendrons and foliage.  

Photography by Jon Jarvela
The gorgeous photos by Jon Jarvela were shared by the lovely bride - Thankyou!  I love being able to see how things turn out on the day!.

It was such a pleasure to be involved in this special wedding, almost a year ago!  Congratulations to the bride and groom who will soon be celebrating their first anniversary.