Thursday, May 4, 2017

January Wedding at Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed

Early January, and the first wedding of the new year was at Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed at the northern tip of the Tasman Peninsula area in Dunalley.  Bangor is is a stunning spot, on a hill surrounded by vineyards with water views in seemingly every direction.

Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed
Bangor is known for exceptional quality local produce, so any wedding celebration would be sure to please the guests! Its location is really special too - another reason many people choose to travel to Tasmania to tie the knot.  

The bride was going for a vintage/bohemian look with the colours of sage green, champagne and ivory.   Such a gorgeous, subtle palette.  Protea White Ice flower throughout the year here in Tasmania and in summer they tend to be more champagne coloured, with are darker central mass.  I built the design around these proteas.  

The Brunia Albiflora were ready picking earlier than usual this year, so I was able to use them with their soft grey-green tones.  Each bouquet also had a hydrangea variety called Paniculata in a white and green colouring.  Maui Sunset Leucadendron are a gorgeous mix of olive and grass green tones with pink tips in summer. They were scattered through.  I also used some old-gold Banksia Formosa (formally Dryandra Formosa)   They added a warmth and richness to the mix.

Soft and beautiful flowering gum in an off-white were used, as well as gum nuts, still green,  from a Corymbia.  I also used some Leucadendron Discolour and their cones.  The last few remaining Berzelia can be seen peeping out from each bouquet too.  They are usually all gone before January so it was a treat to be able to add them.

Foliages were really important for these bouquets.  I used some silvery grey-green Eucalyptus Crenulata, as well as some Risdon Peppermint.  

Branches covered in little lime green seed pods were foraged from a native plant growing at my local beach.  They were prolific in producing seeds this season and the colour and texture was so beautiful!  Also foraged were some local ferns.  Fishbone Water Fern are at their best after the new leaves have hardened off.  

I also used native Coral Fern which I love using in bouquets.  It sits so well around the edges of the bouquet.  

The groom had a combination of foliages - the Crenulata, Coral Fern and foraged seed pods (I haven't been able to find a name for them yet!) along with some of the last Berzelia, a Leucadendron Discolour and a green Corymbia gum nut.  

The rest of the boutonnieres followed the theme!

For decorating the venue, I did some large urns with lots of texture.  I used white hydrangeas, tea tree, fluffy white flowering gum, and some Berzelia.

Leucadendron Discolour, green with a pink blush, Pink Ice Protea, and Brunia Albiflora were the larger flowers.  The cones are the beautiful dried cones from the Leucadendron Silver Tree.  They are such beautiful things!

I also added more Hydrangea Paniculata too.  The greens included the native Fishbone Fern, Eucalyptus Crenulata, the foraged seed pods, and the gorgeous draping Coral Fern.  

I really enjoyed the colour scheme of this wedding - pared back and subtle and packed with interesting textures and shapes.  As always, a pleasure to be involved!