Monday, August 27, 2018

February Wedding at Sisters Beach

Late February, I had the pleasure of arranging some flowers for a wedding at Sisters Beach in the north of Tasmania.  The brief was for pink, maroons and reds with plenty of foliage.

 The first harvest of the rich red Banksia Occidentalis provided the red.  Maroon Tall Red leucadendrons are fine and featherey and provided some deep maroon, along with the first of the new seasons Safari Sunset Leucos.  

For the pink, there were the large pink Compacta Proteas along with Pink Ice.  I also used some of the first beautiful White Mink protea of the season.  

I used some silvery Brunia Albiflora which is always looking fabulous in February.  You can just see, peeping through on the left, a rusty brown leucadendron cone which I love to use to add warmth and texture.  

Astrid Simone Photography
Its always so exciting for me to see photos of how everything goes together on the day, and these photos by Astrid Simone Photography were so beautiful!  

For the bridesmaids, the bouquets were smaller, but with mostly the same ingredients. They included some Protea Pink Ice, and some budded flowering gum.  

Astrid Simone Photography
For foliage, I used Risdon Peppermint, a gorgeous blue-grey eucalyptus foliage, softly falling cyprus, some leucospermum foliage, and the gorgeous Silver Tree Leucadendron foliage.  

For the bride, I made a floral comb with a red Banksia Occidentalia, budded flowering gum, cyprus, eucalyptus, and a tiny bit of wax flower.  

Astrid Simone Photography
The hair comb worked so well with the brides amazing hair styling!

Lots of little boutonnieres for the men, using Safari Sunet Leucos, feathery Tall Red leucs, flowering gum buds, cyprus and eucalyptus. 

For the groom, I added a leucadedron cone.  

Astrid Simone Photography
I really love seeing everything all come together on the big day! I make the bouquets and boutonnieres and see them side-by-side, but its really special to see them being used as they're designed to be.  

Astrid Simone Photography
Astrid Simone Photography
There are so many amazing locations for weddings in Tasmania.  
Astrid Simone Photography
Love this intimate shot!
Astrid Simone Photography
As well as the amazing photography by Astrid Simone Photography, there is a gorgeous video memento of the day by Ash Video Tas that you can check out here.  Such a great wedding to be involved in!  All happiness to the bride and groom.  

Sunday, August 12, 2018

March Wedding at WIllie Smiths Apple Shed

For this March wedding at Willie Smiths Apple Shed in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart, the brief was "colour".  What fun!  I love to play with colour.

The bridesmaids were wearing Burgundy and the bride requested little pops of yellow, and well as some burgundy to tie in with the dresses.

March means lots of variety with natives.  There are still some late summer blooms but usually, the autumn flush has begun too.  I used red Protea Compacts and and white Protea Nerifolia.  Orange Pincushion leucospermums called Fountain were still flowering after the late summer.  Red Banksia Occidentalis, an autumn flower, had already begun.

I loved adding the pops of blue to mix up the colour palette.  I used blue sea holly, or Eryngiums and flowering Echinops.  Dainty green gumnuts were also added, from a Corymbia Ficifolia  For the pops of yellow, the cheerful native Billy Buttons.  

I loved the eclectic colour mix of these bouquets.  White statis made its way into the bouquets too.  For the burgundy, I added the first of the new seasons Safari Sunset leucos, and some fine burgundy Tall Red leucos.  The foliage used is juvenile Eucalyptus Cordata, a beautiful blue-green gum with a warm spicy fragrance. 

Flowering Brunia Albiflora and dried leucadendron cones completed the mix.  

I just love these soft Nerifolias.  I love the pink/black fringes on the bracts, and the soft creamy centres! 

For the simple cake topper, a combination of the bouquet ingredients.

For the Groom and his men, green gumnuts, foliage, leucos and statis, with the groom standing out with the addition of a Billy Ball.

Photography by Rosie Hastie
Talented local Tasmanian photographer, Rosie Hastie took pictures to remember the day.  I love the atmosphere of this shot - classic, casual and "arty".  Very cool!

Photography by Rosie Hastie
And this photo of the beautiful bride!  Wow!  What a fun wedding to be involved in.  Thanks to the bride and groom for choosing me to be part of their special day.  
(Makeup by Liv Rodgers MUA
Dress by Lover)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Summer Elopement Style Wedding at Stewarts Bay Lodge

Photo by Sarah Eliza Photography
This special "secret" wedding was held in February at Stewarts Bay Lodge on the Tasman Peninsula with only close family and friends in attendance.  The couple surprised everyone the following day at their "engagement party" which became a "surprise, we're married!" party.  Fun!   

The colour scheme was muted pinks and neutrals with a pop of colour.  The beautiful bride was wearing dusky pinks and the attendants were in soft dusky neutrals so they wanted something to work in with that theme .   Early February meant I had some great pastel colours to work with using flowering gum, pincushions and proteas.  

Soft velvety pink Protea Compacta and Pincushion Fountain were the main flowers.  The bride's bouquet had a gorgeous Lillium too.  Creamy white hydrangea with pink touches of were also added and the beautiful pastel purple of alliums. The gorgeous foliage, soft and pastel coloured, is Eucalyptus Risdonii, or Risdon Peppermint which is a Tasmanian native gum. 

One of my favourite February natives is the wonderful Corymbia Ficifolia, a variety of flowering gum that comes in a wide range of colours from very pale pink through to hot pink, coral, peach, orange and intense reds.  I used a couple of different colours here - a hot pink, still mostly in bud, and a soft fluffy pink.  

What a stunner!  Fluffy and magical.

Other ingredients included Brunia Albiflora and cute little poppy pods.  

For the flower girl, a simple posy.  

Both the bride and the flowergirl wore crowns of flowering gum and peppermint foliage.  I loved the soft colouring and texture they created.  

And for the groom, more peppermint foliage, flowering gum and a poppy pod.  

For table decorations, I created some boxed arrangements with the same soft pastels.  I love the mix of pink, orange and purple pastels with the creamy white and the gum.  A surprising but satisfying combination.

The boxed arrangements were dotted along the centre of long tables.

Each simple place setting had a sprig of peppermint gum.

Photo by Sarah Eliza Photography
The beautiful photos by Sarah Eliza Photography really captured the joy of the day.  

Photo by Sarah Eliza Photography
I love the Tasman Peninsula and its pristine beaches - a perfect backdrop for making beautiful memories.  Congratulations to the bride and groom - thanks for choosing me to be a part of your day.