Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cradle Mountain Wedding in December

Photography by Michelle Dupont
Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania's iconic natural beauties.  Its no surprise then, that some couples choose to tie the knot in this remarkable location.  In December 2016, I provided flowers for a summer wedding at Cradle Mountain on what proved to be a very wintery day.  It's not unusual for Cradle Mountain to be dusted in snow, even during the summer months.  The weekend chosen for this wedding was cold one with some wild weather but I think you'll agree from the gorgeous wedding photos, that the weather added to the atmosphere in this extraordinary place.

The bride wanted natives in red, green and white.  For the green, I used Tasmanian Myrtle-beech foliage.  Myrtle-beech is the dominant tree in Tasmania's cool temperate rain forests.  Its fresh new growth is a rich green and perfect for bouquets.  For the red, I used Waratahs.  The Tasmanian Waratah (Telopea Truncata) flowers mostly in November, but because of the mild spring weather, there were still plenty of flowers available in mid December.  Their rich vibrant pinky red seems to glow.

For the 'white', I used Berzelia Lanuguinosa, a white flowering fynbos plant that has lots of little balls of tightly packed flower heads. When the Berzelia flowers, the balls look fluffy and white - so pretty in bouquets.  The Berzelia at Swallows Nest Farm flowered right up til the end of December which is later than usual, but it was a treat to have them flowering so plentifully for so long. 

For the Bride's bouquet, I also used a larger, NSW Waratah (Telopea Speciosissima) and a Protea White Ice. 

The bride and the four bridesmaids also had some Scarlet Ribbons pincushions in their dark red phase, with orangey styles and deep red "ribbons".  The rich burgundy of Safari Sunset Leucadenrons was a great addition too.

I also added gum nuts and Leucadendron Jubilee Crown which are a rich red leucadendron cone.

Red, green and white, without being too christmassy - always important in December.

For the groom and the groomsmen, more myrtle, Tasmanian waratah's and Berzelia.  The groom also had a Jubilee Crown cone.

Photography by Michelle Dupont
The breathtaking photos by Tasmanian photographer Michelle Dupont were just perfect.  

Photography by Michelle Dupont
Beautiful landscape, beautiful light, beautiful bride! 

Photography by Michelle Dupont
As always, it was a privilege to be involved in this beautiful wedding!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

January Beach Wedding

Summer is perfect for a beach wedding!  And there are so many wonderful beaches in Tasmania. For this January wedding the bride wanted colourful flowers.  

Warm neutral coloured dresses meant that I could play with as much colour in the bouquets as I liked!  

Red and orange Banksias (B. Ericifolia and Occidentalis) teamed up with red and orange Leucospermums (L. Scarlet Ribbons and Fountain). Pink Ice Proteas and Brunia Albiflora were also used.  I added pops of yellow with Helichrysm, and pops of purple with Hebe.  Leucadendron Pisa with lime green bracts and silvery cones, were great to add too.

The bride's bouquet had a wonderful orange Calla lily as a focal point and lots of Tasmanian Myrtle beech foliage.  

Bright and beautiful on the beach.

The bridesmaids bouquets each had a rich yellow Calla lily.

I loved playing with the bright colours. 

Calla Lilies are such beautiful summer flowers.

And always such a treat to see some photos of the bouquet where it was made to be! 

Corsages for the mums had yellow Helichrysm, purple Hebe, and the pearly white cones of the Pisa Leucadendron, backed with Myrtle Beech foliage.  

A similar recipe for the groom included some blue Risdon Peppermint foliage.

The colourful bouquets stand out in the natural beauty of the beach location.  It was lovely to be involved, as always.  

Friday, April 14, 2017

December Wedding at Stewarts Bay Lodge

Photography by Michelle Dupont
December 2016 I provided flowers for a special wedding at Stewarts Bay Lodge on the Tasman Peninsula.  Stewarts Bay Lodge is next to the Port Arthur Historic Site, so many couples choose to have photographs taken in the beautiful gardens that are part of the site.     

Photography by Michelle Dupont
The bride asked for reds, whites, pinks and greens in her bouquet, and loved lots of cascading foliage.  December 2016 was mild and the summer weather hadn't fully arrived so there were many Tasmanian waratahs still blooming.  They are such a treat to use in a bouquet with their intense red colouring.

For cascading foliage, I used Agonis Flexuosa which is in flower over the summer, with little white star-like flowers along the stems.  This native foliage plant has a lovely weeping habit which means it falls beautifully.   I also used foliage from a sweet smelling Incense Cedar.

Along with the Tasmanian Waratah, I used Scarlet Ribbon Leucospermums, Protea Compacta, and Protea Repens.  Some red and intense pink Callistemons or Bottlebrush flowers were also added.  Dark burgundy Leucadendron Safari Sunset provided contrast.  

For whites, I added Button Bush or Berzelia, with its fluffy white balls of flowers.  Berzelia is a late winter and spring texture plant which flowers in early summer and is usually finished by December.  I also added some white Hebe flowers.

For the two bridesmaids, I left out the Berzelia.  The purple flowers are Isopogon Formosa, also called Cone Flowers.  They are such a gorgeous colour.   Who said natives were brown and boring?!  Isopogons are a spring flowering plant and because of the mild weather in December 2016, they were still flowering for me to use.  

The richness of the colours was really special.  I loved the hot pink Callistemons with their tiny little yellow-green highlights at intervals along the flower.  Even the buds added beauty and texture.

Photography by Michelle Dupont
The wedding photography by Michelle Dupont was amazing.  Its always such a treat to see her work!

For the groom, there was more of the beautiful Berzelia.

Agonis foliage and flowers, gum, Berzelia, Blushing Bride, and some Leucadendron cones from the Jubilee Crown variety.  

I also made some floral crowns for some of the little girls at the wedding - always so cute!  More of the fragrant cedar foliage, Agonis flowers and Berzelia.  

Table decorations for the reception at Stewarts Bay Lodge were more colourful.  I added peach coloured Fountain Leucospermums.   

I loved the riot of colour and texture in these centrepieces.  The reds, pinks, orange and purple!  

The little pots of colour sat on log rounds on each table.  

Joyful bursts of colour!

Photography by Michelle Dupont
Such a beautiful bride!  It was a pleasure to be able to provide flowers for this wedding.