Sunday, April 16, 2017

January Beach Wedding

Summer is perfect for a beach wedding!  And there are so many wonderful beaches in Tasmania. For this January wedding the bride wanted colourful flowers.  

Warm neutral coloured dresses meant that I could play with as much colour in the bouquets as I liked!  

Red and orange Banksias (B. Ericifolia and Occidentalis) teamed up with red and orange Leucospermums (L. Scarlet Ribbons and Fountain). Pink Ice Proteas and Brunia Albiflora were also used.  I added pops of yellow with Helichrysm, and pops of purple with Hebe.  Leucadendron Pisa with lime green bracts and silvery cones, were great to add too.

The bride's bouquet had a wonderful orange Calla lily as a focal point and lots of Tasmanian Myrtle beech foliage.  

Bright and beautiful on the beach.

The bridesmaids bouquets each had a rich yellow Calla lily.

I loved playing with the bright colours. 

Calla Lilies are such beautiful summer flowers.

And always such a treat to see some photos of the bouquet where it was made to be! 

Corsages for the mums had yellow Helichrysm, purple Hebe, and the pearly white cones of the Pisa Leucadendron, backed with Myrtle Beech foliage.  

A similar recipe for the groom included some blue Risdon Peppermint foliage.

The colourful bouquets stand out in the natural beauty of the beach location.  It was lovely to be involved, as always.  

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