Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Garden Wedding in December

The last wedding for 2016, bringing in the New Year!  I had the pleasure of providing flowers for a local wedding held in a beautiful garden.  The vibe was rustic but pretty with the bridesmaids in navy lace.  To work with the blue, the bride chose pinks, whites and some peachy tones, and wanted a cascading bouquet.  Agonis Flexuosa is a gorgous native foliage that is in flower mid-summer so it was perfect to use. 

The main flowers were a peachy pincushion called Fountain, White Ice Protea and Pice Ice Protea.  Pink Ice Protea are very difficult to find in mid summer but here in Tasmania, conditions mean that we can harvest them in varying numbers almost all year round.  

Other flowers include flowering gum, gum buds, rosy leucadendron cones called Jubilee Crown, green leucadendrons with a pink tinge called Lemon Spice, and pearly white leucadendron cones from Leucadendron Pisa.  

The bridesmaids bouquet was smaller, but with similar flowers. 

I love the idea of these little wreath-style boutonnieres that the bride came up with .  Such a great idea which really suited the theme of the wedding. 

Little wreaths of budded gum were decorated with peppermint foliage, flowering gum and leucadendron cones.

Such a great idea!

For the flower girl, there was a larger wreath.

It was decorated with Agonis foliage, peppermint gum foliage, a Pincushion and some leucadendron cones.

Extra flowers and foliage to match the bouquets were used to decorate the cake and the venue.  

Such a pretty way to end the year!  And, as always, it was a pleasure to be involved in the bride and groom's big day.

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