Saturday, January 27, 2018

September Wedding at Barilla Bay

September weddings are a treat!  There are so many gorgeous flowers to play with.  For this wedding, held at Barilla Bay Oysters blue and orange was the colour theme.  The bridesmaid's were in navy and the bride in ivory.  

 The main flowers used were creamy white Protea Repens, and orange Banksia Ericifolia.  

Berzelia is a spring texture plant also sometimes called Button Bush.  It has lots of little green balls at this time of year and is a wonderful addition to a native bouquet.  

There were plenty of leucadendrons to use in their late summer, early spring colouring. Safari Sunset was in its "sunset" phase where it turns to yellow, orange and pinky red.  Another leuco that I was excited to use is Tall Red, which for most of the year is a burgundy foliage leuco.  In August and September is colours up into yellows and bright reds, with yellow central cones.  Its such a pretty, fine Leucadendron with a gorgeous range of colour.  Maui Sunset was another leuco I used,  which can turn completely white/cream at the end of winter, and often with pink tips.  Lastly, I used plenty of beautiful fresh Leucadendron Silver Tree with its blue green shimmery foliage.

The bride's bouquet also has a Protea White Ice, and a beauiful Banksia Brownii, which I initially started growing for foliage, but have since fallen in love with the delicate colouring of its flowers.  

The Banksia Brownii is a soft orange with pinkish styles and a lovely soft shape.  

Other ingredients I used were Thryptomene and Peppermint foliage and to add a touch of blue, Sea Holly.

The men wore boutonnieres made with Thryptomene, leucadendron and Sea Holly. 

For an arch decoration I used more orange Banksia Ericifolia, proteas in whites and pins, lots of different leucadendrons, Thryptomene and SIlver Tree, which shimmers in a blue-green.

Its always a joy to create a piece using fresh seasonal ingredients.  

Red Zebra Photography
It was a delight to be involved in this couples special day.   

Red Zebra Photography
I love this dramatic shot by Red Zebra Photography, showing just how spoilt we are for natural beauty in Tasmania.   

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