Sunday, November 11, 2018

Battery Point Wedding in March

This March wedding was held in Battery Point, an historic inner city suburb of Hobart.  The ceremony was held in the courtyard of the beautiful historic house, Narryna.  Battery Point community Hall was the reception venue.  

There was a bridal bouquet and a little flower girls bouquet in  pinks, reds, and creamy whites with blue green foliages.  Protea Compacta Red is a large velvet pink protea with a red centre that looks great in bouquets.  For the bride's bouquet, it was teamed with an early creamy white Repens protea, a black fringed white Neriifolia and some creamy flowering Brunia Albiflora.

For the reds, there were Banksia Occidentalis, new seasons Safari Sunset Leucos (burgundy) and Jester Leucos (striped burgundy and green).  I also used the first of the fine leafed Leucadendron Tall Red in rich maroon.  Masses of budded gum and Agonis Flexuosa foliage provided the structure. 

Other Leucadedrons added were the dusky red tinged Orientale, and the pure and sage Discolour with its silvery edges.  Some Leucadendron Pisa foliage, which is a soft silvery green, was also included.  Lastly, there were dark mahogany coloured dried Leucadendron cones.  I love the texture and depth of colour they add.  

Blue Sea Holly was sprinkled through the arrangements and the groom had a Sea Holly "thistle" in his boutonniere, surrounded by Brunia gum foliage, Pisa foliage, a Jester Leuco and some sprigs of Thryptomene.  

The little flower girl wore a crown of L. Pisa foliage, gum foliage and sprigs of thryptomene. 

I love using the soft green Pisa foliage.  Its soft and silky like the Silver Tree but much finer leafed.  

For the bride, a floral comb featuring a red Banksia and some Jester Leucos, Sea Holly, gum foliage, Pisa foliage, Agonis foliage and more Thryptomene.

There were a few late flowering gum buds and lastly, a dried Leucadendron cone.  


The ceremony took place in a sheltered courtyard in the garden of Narryna House.  Floral arch decorations were made with masses of foliage and flowers.  The standout were some huge flowering Brunia heads. 

The courtyard walls are full of character and the ground is paved with huge old flagstones.  It was a lovely, intimate spot for this small wedding.  

The gorgeous cake was made by Coal River Farm and was decorated with giant blackberries.  More matching flowers and foliage decorated each tier.

For the reception at Battery Point Community Hall, there were vases full of flowers and foliage to match the bouquets.  Flowering Brunia, Protea Pink Ice, Banksia Occidentalis, masses of gum, and Pisa foliage, and some Agonis, as well as a variety of Leucadendrons.  

The venue has beautiful light that streams in through the windows.  

The lovely bride and groom sent this picture, admiring the cake.  I love that you can see her bouquet and hair flowers and how everything ties together.  It was such a pleasure to help in the celebration of this couples' special day.  

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