Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Winter Wedding at Ratho Farm

I love winter weddings!  Its such a treat to be able to use the beautiful natives that are available in winter.  The colours are clear and bright, and they seem somehow fresher.  For this July wedding at Ratho Farm the bride wanted the colours to work with her beautiful deep blue-green velvet gown. 

Red as a contrast colour is fantastic in winter.  I teamed pinks, reds and whites with some Bluegreen foliages to create large bouquet for the bride.  

The main flowers were Protea White Ice, a creamy white protea with purple tips, and Red Compacta, a warm pink protea with a deep red centre.  I added in some dark red roses and Safari Sunset Leucadendrons.  

Other Leucos included were the purple and silver swirls of L. Galpinii, and green Leucadendron Discolour which have purple blush and silvery edges over winter.  Some Thryptomene, early Berzelia and Sea Holly were also added.  

For foliage, there were two types of Gum, both with a lovely trailing habit and a deep blue green colour.  Some variegated Pittosporum, silvery grey tea tree foliage and the luxurious Silver Tree can be seen too. 

For the little flower girl, in her silver sparkly dress, there was a special little basket to carry.  

Gorgeous Red Protea Compacta look so good in winter.  Everything in the brides bouquet was included except the Silver Tree.  

And for the groom there was Gum, Tea Tree, Sea Holly, Safari Sunset, rose and Berzelia.  

Photo by Love Jennifer Photography

Ratho Farm is full of Tasmanian character.  I wish the gorgeous couple all the very best and hope the memories of their Tassie wedding linger happily.  

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