Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Christmastime Wedding in Hobart

Photograph by Nina Hamilton Photography
I really enjoyed providing flowers for a December wedding in Hobart, just days before Christmas.

I was excited to be able to use some beautiful flowers that I don't often have available all at once, and I loved the romantic tones of cream, rose gold and burgundy that I was able to play with.

Berzelia is a spring flowering plant which, due to the mild start to summer, had lingered and was still looking fabulous in December.  It's fluffy white clusters of flowers are so pretty in bridal bouquets.  The green-grey clusters of Brunia are usually an after-Christmas flower but there were some early heads ready for picking.  Its the first time I've ever used both Berzelia and Brunia in the one bouquet.  A rarity!

Protea White Ice and Pink Ice were teamed up with a gorgeous wine coloured Banksia Praemorsa.  Leucadendron Safari Sunset, a dark burgundy colour in summer, added to the mix.  Foliages of Risdon Peppermint Gum, Irish Juniper and Pittosporum were used.  

Leucadendron Lemon Spice is a green leucadenron which changes to a creamy white in spring, with a dusting of pink.  Its such a treat to use in bouquets.  Beautiful rich berry red Leucadendron Jubilee Crown cones added more burgundy tones.

For the groom, a Lemon Spice Leuco, some Berzelia, Irish Juniper, Pittosporum, L. Jubilee Crown and a L. Pisa silvery cone.  

Photograph by Nina Hamilton Photography
It was such a treat to find such gorgeous photographs by Nina Hamilton Photography - great photographers capture such beautiful memories!  

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