Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eclectic Summer Natives for a New Years Wedding

Photography by Rosie Hastie
The first wedding of the New Year called for seasonal natives, with a colour scheme of navy blue for the bridesmaids and grey suits with navy ties for the men.  I love navy!  Its a stunning, flattering colour that provides a great backdrop for a great variety of colours in the floral design.

And there are plenty of seasonal summer natives to use around the New Year.  It made designing the bouquets for this lovely wedding a real pleasure.  The focal flowers used were some mini Red King Proteas.  Other proteas used were Protea Compacta in Red and Protea Pink Mink.  I also used Pincushions called Leucospermum Fountain, in apricot/orange.

Pink Kangaroo Paw called Bush Pearl was sprinkled through adding a unifying splash of rich pink.  I also used the first pick of Brunia Albiflora for the season.  There are some fresh poppy pods in the mix too.  I really love them!

Plenty of textural foliage added to the eclectic feel of the bouquets.  There's some Tasmanian Myrtle Beech, with its new seasons growth looking fresh and lush, some Grevillea foliage, and some flowering Agonis Flexuosa.  There's also a sprinkling of Risdon Peppermint Gum foliage giving silvery blue highlights.  

Photography by Rosie Hastie
I just love navy!  It really makes those colours sing.  Thanks so much to the bride for allowing me to use some of the stunning photographs by Photographer, Rosie Hastie.  It is such a thrill to see the flowers on the big day!

You can also see some Corymbia Ficifolia buds.  Corymbia Ficifolia is commonly known as Red Gum or Flowering Gum and flowers in a range of intense colours in big showy gum blossoms.  It also produces brilliant Gum Nuts which I love to use in floral design as well.  But the buds are equally lovely.  They colour up quite a bit and the texture they provide is beautiful.  The cream Leucadendrons are some L. Discolour which in late spring and early summer changes from green to this lovely clear cream with pink tinges.  

With such bright and breezy bouquets, the men needed something to match.  

I used Myrtle Beech and Grevillea foliages teamed with more Pink Kangaroo Paw and a Leucadendron Discolour.

The grooms boutonniere had Agonis flowers for extra highlights, and the addition of some Corymbia Ficifolia buds for added interest.  

Photography by Rosie Hastie
Again, I was just blown away by these stunning photos by Rosie Hastie which really show the boutonnieres in a great light.   Thrilled!

Photography by Rosie Hasite

Photography by Rosie Hastie

Photography by Rosie Hastie
It was a pleasure to be able to work on the flowers for this wedding!

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