Monday, July 8, 2013

Whats In the Basket?

I haven't done a "what's in the basket" post for a while now, but that doesn't mean I've stopped snapping basket shots!  It has more to do with a lack of blogging time than anything.  There is so much happening around the farm and on days when the weather prevents too much outdoor activity, I have been doing some "spring" cleaning and redecorating inside.  I have a current theory that winter is a better time for spring cleaning than spring is!
Last week was a very cold, wet week in southern Tasmania.  Winter has definitely set in here!  But I managed to do a fair bit of picking and pruning in amongst the blustering wind, hail and even snow!  The photo is blurry because is was taken in the rain, but the colours are still cheery and vibrant and the flowers are looking lovely in the cold weather.  It seems the colder it gets, the happier they look.  They Protea Pink Ice certainly prefer the cold to the heat.  They don't look as happy or fresh in the summer. 
So in the basket we have Grampians Thryptomene (tiny white flowers on long branches and the bottom of the photo).  You can read more about them here.  They will continue throughout winter and into early spring with more of the tiny buds opening until they cover the branches like snow.  I love picking them because they smell fabulous!  There are the usual Pink Ice, and there is a Protea Neriifolia as well, just coming into bloom at the moment.  The larger red Leuco's you can see are Safari Sunset that are starting to get their spring colouring already.  We have plots of them planted in different areas around the farm and some flower before the others.  The ones higher on the hill catch more sun at this time of year and flower earlier.  The fine red foliage at the top of the photo is Leucadendron Tall Red.  It will flower in August and it really makes you stop and look when it does, but at this time of the year it is useful as a tall foliage that adds colour and structure to a mixed bunch.   


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Grace, your basket is so beautiful!
    Each of your posts makes me feel good, makes me wish I could buy my weekly flowers at you, makes me want to visit your farm and see and smell it all, go out with a sweater and scarf and enjoy the misty and foggy skies!
    But my imagination soars through your wonderful photos and describing words and I do visit!!
    I know you have a busy life, so thank you for taking the time to let me take part in it a bit with your blog! :-)

    1. Yael, you are very generous with your compliments! Thank you! So glad you enjoy the blog - you would be most welcome to visit if you ever come to Tasmania.
      Warm wishes,


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