Tuesday, June 25, 2013

winter mornings

Winter mornings can be spectacular here in Tasmania.  Frost, fog, mist, mizzle, ice, even snow on occasions.  And blue skies!  I love sunny winter mornings.  They are usually accompanied by frosts and as the frost melts, mist wafts up from the ground, glowing in the sunlight.  This week we've had some low lying fog which are really quite spectacular to see from above.  

Picking on these mornings can be a real joy.  New growth can sometimes be frosted with ice, and sparkling like treasure.  I took a break from pruning yesterday to take a few photos of these floral gems.

Thankfully proteas are, on the whole, quite frost hardy and will tolerate the cold as long as there is good airflow and the temperature does not dip too low into the minus'.

I'll leave you with a video I took yesterday morning while I was picking.  The birds you can hear are Tasmanian Wattle Birds.

The product list has finally been published, too.  If you're interested, you'll find it at the top of the page, first tab along.  


  1. Beautiful! Your photos are spectacular. Makes me want to pack up and move to Tasmania :)

    1. Hi Prue,
      Thanks! Glad you like the photos. You would definitely need your winter woolies - its not always sunny like this, but it is always beautiful. :)

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