Friday, April 22, 2016

Simple Summer Wedding

Simple Summer Wedding 
"I'm looking for something small and simple, and I love the idea of natives" was the brief for a January wedding held locally on the Tasman Peninsula at the beautiful Tigerbay Retreat.  Greens and whites with a pop of pink and purple were the brides instructions, keeping the bouquets simple. 

Bride's bouquet 
Beautiful silvery green Silver Tree and some lovely Pincushion foliage were the basis of my inspiration for the bouquets.  A few Proteas had braved the dry summer heat to bloom during their usual few weeks of scarcity, so they provided some of the pink.  Local native tea tree flowering en masse provided the white.  

Leucadendron Jubilee Crown with its rosy cones added some darker tones.  There are also some Leucadendron Galpinii with their silvery cones surround by purplish whirls of leaves.  Purple was added by the addition of some Hebe.  

Leucadendron Lemon Spice is a leuco that in late spring and summer has creamy pink tinged bracts.  I used the last few of these for the season in the bouquets and they added a warmth to the colouring that I loved.  

This picture shows how the L. Silver Tree really catches the light in a bouquet.  Its such a beautiful silky addition to a design.

This simple January wedding called for lots of boutonnieres.  More tea tree and Hebe teamed with some Pincushion foliage surrounding a L. Jubilee Crown cone.  

Simple, fresh, summery for a simple January wedding.  

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