Friday, October 13, 2017

Stonefield Wedding in March

For a March wedding at Stonefield, just north of Hobart, the bridal party were in shades of steel grey and black.  The bride and groom had a love of natives and the outdoors and wanted their flowers to reflect that, especially using juvenile eucalyptus foliage with its gorgeous blue grey colouring. 

Steel grey, black and red are always a stunning combination so I teamed up the requested foliage with some proteas and banksias in rich reds and pinks.  

The main flowers were a rich pinky red Protea Repens, and red Banksia Occidentalis.  The bride's bouquet also had a Protea Compacta in pink and red, and a Protea White Ice.  

Other flowers include flowering Brunia Albiflora, Leucadendron Discolour, and some Safari Sunset Leucos.  

The beautiful silky Leucadendron Silver Tree was one of the mix of foliages I used.  Eucalyptus Crenulata has a gorgeous silvery grey colour and it was the main foliage ingredient.  Juvenlie Risdon Pepperment foliage was also sprinkled through.  

For the floral comb, I used a mix of foliages and some smaller flowers in colours matching the proteas of the bouquets.  I love to use Pittosporum berries and these are a light sage green and come from a variegated leaf Pittosporum. 

The boutonnieres were all in greys, and were all slightly different.  Brunia, both flowering and not flowering, gum nuts, and the purple-tinged Leucadendron Discolour. 

They always look so lovely all lined up!

The groom had a bit of colour to his boutonniere, with the addition of a Leucadendron Safari Sunset.  The new season's growth is always such a fresh, rich colour.

I loved playing with muted greys, greens and reds for this wedding.  I always enjoy the challenge of creating something completely unique for each couple who I work with, and this was no exception.  

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