Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hobart Wedding in February

Photography by Acoma
I provided flowers for a beautiful wedding in Hobart this February.  The ceremony was held at Runnymede House, a National Trust property in New Town.  

Photography by Acoma
The interior of the house provided a gorgeous light for photographs.  I love these photos by one of Tasmania's most talented photographers, Acoma.  Stunning!

Photography by Acoma
The colours of the wedding were silvery grey, with burgundy bow ties.  I love the classic colour combination of grey and red and the February flowering natives were a perfect fit.  

Silvery grey foliages were a must, and I used the Eucalyptus Crenulata with its silvery bloom covering the young leaves.   Leucadendron Silver Tree worked in with the silvery grey theme, with its shimmery soft silky leaves.  Risdon Peppermint was the other foliage I used.  

Brunia Albiflora is a perfect addition for a silvery grey wedding.  The balls of the Brunia are exactly that, and the way they catch the light makes them appear to glow.  I love them!

Each bouquet had a Pink Ice Protea and some red Banksia Occidentalis.  I also used some Scarlet Ribbons pincushions.

Safari Sunset Leucadendrons in deep burgundy, their summer colour, were used to add darker tones.  Highlights were added with a stunning flowering gum that has white flowers but red buds.  They came from a very large, mature tree that was completely covered with blossom this year.  

Flowering gum ... sigh!

Another lovely addition is the bright red cones of Leucadendron Jubilee Crown.  Their little cones look like berries in amongst the flowers. 

And of course, because of the silvery grey/natives theme, we had to add in some beautiful mature gum nuts, which have silvered with age.  

Photography by Acoma
Photography by Acoma
The controlled colour scheme really worked with the dresses.  Aren't they stunning!

Boutonnieres for the men included leaves from the flowering gum Corymbia Ficifolia, peppermint foliage,  Leucadendron Jubilee Crown cones and flowering gum buds around a large silvery gum nut. 
The grooms boutonniere had some added Brunia.  

Photography by Acoma
I think they went fabulously with the burgundy bow ties!

I also made a floral comb bursting with flowering gum, Brunia, peppermint, and with some Jubilee Crown cones and a little bit of wax flower. 
The hair comb was worn by the mother of the bride -  a special touch. 

Chair decorations used Brunia, Jubilee Crown, Safari Sunset, Silver Tree and Flowering Gum.  The soft grey ribbon was used throughout the floral designs.  

Photography by Acoma
The reception was held at Stefano Lubiana winery north of Hobart.  Burgundy Leucadendrons were placed on each plate and gum foliage was scattered down the centre of the tables.

Photography by Acoma
Natives work so well in a "rustic" setting.

Its really special when the bride is so happy with the flowers that she apologises for sending through too many photos of the wedding!  Theres no such thing! 

Photography by Acoma
It was a pleasure to be involved in this beautiful wedding, and to be able to share so many stunning photos with you all.  

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