Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Colourful Summer Wedding in Early December

"I just love things that are colourful" said the bride.  Music to my ears!  Early summer gave me plenty of colour to play with for this December wedding.  

The bride also loved combinations of interesting shapes and textures - leafy and flowery.  So The main flowers I used were Protea Compacta in rich pink/red, Banksia Ericifolia in deep rich orange and Leucospermum Scarlet Ribbons in their red phase with orange styles.  

The secondary flowers I used were Leucadendron Safari Sunset in a rich burgundy for contrast, Leucadendron Safari Goldstrike in its post-flower phase having green bracts around a large orange tinged cone, and Leucadendron Discolour female in its creamy pink-tinged phase of late spring early summer.  The Boronia Heterophyla was great to use with its intense pink and beautiful fresh fragrance.

You can also see dried Leucadendron cones, some late flowering Berzelia, Risdon Peppermint Gum foliage and some foraged native fern.  Overall, the colours are fruity and warm, perfect summer natives.

The flower girl carried a basket of flowers.

I bet she looked extra gorgeous with the flower crown too.

It was made with a mixture of Walpole Wax flower and Berzelia.  My wax flower bushes have been almost unusable this year after a possum decided they were his favourite winter snack.  They've never been touched before so it took me by surprise.  I have had to use the wax flower sparingly!

The bride wore a floral comb, with touches of colour and texture, using Leucadendron Discolour, Berzelia, Dried Leucadendron Cone, Boronia, Peppermint Gum and Native fern.  

The grooms boutonniere matched, with Leucadenron Discolour, Boronia, Wax flower, Peppermint and Fern.  I also added some Banksia Speciosa leaves with a touch of orange on them.  Banksia leaves are brilliant shapes!

Simple table decorations in wooden boxes carried on the colourful summer theme.

I really enjoyed using the native fern.  I think it really made the whole theme come together.

Epsom House, Pontville
The wedding was held at Epsom House in Pontville, a beautifully restored historic building.  The reception was set up in the ball room - very grand!  Epsom House has many bedrooms, where the wedding guests stayed.  Brilliant for an intimate wedding with lots of guests from interstate.  

Epsom House, Pontville
I would recommend Epsom House for a venue - just beautiful!

I really enjoyed playing with the fruity summer colours and textures for this wedding.  I hope the bride and groom had a wonderful, memorable day.

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