Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leucadendron Tall Red

Leucadendron "Tall Red" is a bushy fast growing shrub that, like its name suggests, grows tall and red. For most of the year, the bracts and leaves are burgundy red.  They are useful as a filler but really not a memorable plant.  But over the winter months a transformation occurs as Tall Red produces its flowers.    The bracts surrounding the pollen presenters lighten.  

Like many Leucadendrons, the colour of Tall Red varies depending upon the amount of sunshine the plant receives.  In full sun, the red is strong but the bracts and foliage that are shaded are paler.  As the the plant begins flowering, the colour difference can be quite striking.  The bracts in full sun are rich red and open to reveal a lime green pom pom centre.  The paler bracts range from a soft peach to a very pale yellow.  

The overall colour effect is soft and peachy.

The lime green centres then begin to turn yellow.

Yellow and fluffy!

They are such a cute cheery flower at the end of winter.

And really useful as a filler flower adding texture and colour.

I just love the range of colour that you get from this surprising plant.  A great leucadendron as a cut flower, and also an easy one to grow in a garden. 

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