Wednesday, April 10, 2013

See You Next Year ...

Am I allowed to have favourites?  If so, this would be it.  The Brunia Albiflora are officially finished for the year.  I picked the last few stragglers this week and have kept them in a vase in my kitchen to say "goodbye" till next year ... sigh!  They began to "flower" about 2 weeks ago.  What we call the flower is actually a collection of flowers, and we usually sell it when its in its bud stage.  When the little buds start to flower, they start from the outside and work inwards, creating for a while, the look of rings of flowers, like a little wreath or headband!  
Of course, I had to get the macro lens out to explore them from a bugs-eye perspective!  

Tiny flowers peeping out!

This little growth tip will be next years flower!
I wonder what the year will bring?

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  1. What a gorgeous flower Grace! I have never seen this before - it is so beautiful! All of your flowers are!
    (Have a look at my blog) :-)

    And thanks for answering my question!