Monday, September 10, 2012

Flower Show Time

Spring is Flower Show time in Tasmania and our District School hosts our local flower show.   I  have always felt that, as a local flower grower, I really should be involved in a local flower show! But because of various reasons beyond my control, I have never actually been to see our local show until this year.  I was also able to be involved, by donating a few bunches for fund raising.  

I had fun doing a quick pick, mostly of the vibrantly coloured spring flowering Leucos.  I probably should have taken the trailer, because my poor old faithful picking basket got so over-full that I nearly broke it!

Simple bunches of Leucadendrons in cheap and cheerful plastic wrap were snapped up.  I also did simple bunches of Protea Neriifolia, which are looking particularly fabulous at the moment.  They all sold out before I got to the show.  

I had a lovely time looking at the Daffodil exhibits, with some amazing variations that I've never seen before. 

 There were also some stunning floral arrangements.  Having checked out the competition, so to speak, I'm considering entering an arrangement in next years flower show!  I'm sure you'll hear all about it when it do!

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