Friday, July 20, 2012

Inca Gold

One of the leucadendrons that begins to "sparkle" at this time of the year is one called Inca Gold.  For most of the year it is a limey green with little red tips but in winter, after the solstice here in southern Tasmania, it starts to turn bright yellow.  

This picture was taken in May.  The flower heads had formed but were still slim, with more growth to come.  It's pretty at this stage with its pink stems and tiny red tips, but not spectacular.  It's good for filler in a bouquet of cut flowers.

This photo was taken mid June.  The flower heads look more plump and the stem length is good, but they are still lime green.

The Inca Gold begin to change around the beginning of July and make a fabulous contrast with the Safari Sunset Leucos.

When they reach their brightest, its easy to see why they are a winter favourite in the cut flower trade.  Spectacular cheery colour and long lasting blooms make these Inca Gold worth waiting for.

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