Friday, May 18, 2012

Lovely Leuco's

Leaucadendrons are one of the most popular flowers in the florist trade.  They are incredibly long lasting, they are available all year round, and come in a range of colours.  They look equally happy amongst natives, or more traditional flowers.  And yet, many people, although they would recognise them, wouldn't have heard of them.  We grow lots of varieties of Leucadendrons at the Swallows Nest.  

At the moment, most of the Leuco's (as we call them) are rich red.  We have three main varieties of red Leucos, all with slightly different properties.  This one, called Safari Sunset is the most popular Leucadendron grown worldwide.  It is a rich deep red, has long strait stems up to 1 mt, and is sturdy.  It has a medium sized flower head.  

If you weren't familiar with Leucadendrons before, I'm sure you'll recognise them if you look for them, peeping out from a bouquet at a florist or sold in lovely large bunches at flower markets.  


  1. Hi Grace
    I'm happy to have found your blog.
    Wow your flowers are beautiful....I love leucadendrons....I can't grow them, but I love them. That red is amazing!

    1. Hi Manda,
      Thanks for your lovely comments! Are you on instagram? Your babushka looks familiar!!! I'll have a little look at your blog!